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Welcome to GEPChatV3, a chatbot to answer questions about the General Education Program (GEP) at Winona State University.

Sample Questions/Requests: What are the goal areas? When is ECON 202 taught? What are the competencies required by goal 9? What are the intensives? What courses are being taught in Goal 10? What online courses are being taught in goal area 7? List any courses that are in both goal 5 and goal 9. I just finished a course at another school, so how can I get it approved as a general education course at WSU? What philosophy courses are in the GEP? What goal 5 courses meet before noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Who is the GEP director? What is the professor’s contact information?

IMPORTANT: This is a preliminary beta version; absolutely no guarantees of accuracy are implied. If you encounter problems or incorrect information, please send me (Larry Schrenk, an e-mail with the date/time and a brief description of the issue. Thank you.

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