SchrenkChat LarrySchrenk

Welcome to SchrenkChat, a chatbot to answer questions about courses taught by Larry Schrenk at Winona State University (as well as his research, education, and background).

Current Courses: FIN 100 - Financial Literacy, FIN 377 - Investments, and FIN 473 - Real Estate Investments

Sample Questions/Requests: When are Prof. Schrenk’s office hours and where is his office? When is the next exam in FIN 377 - Investments? In FIN 473, how much weight is given to each exam in the final grade? Create a table with all the assignments in FIN 377 listed with their due dates. When did Professor Schrenk begin teaching at Winona State? What articles has Prof. Schrenk published?

IMPORTANT: This is a preliminary beta version; absolutely no guarantees of accuracy are implied. If you encounter problems or incorrect information, please send me (Larry Schrenk, an e-mail with the date/time and a brief description of the issue. Thank you.

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