Create, remix and share your own AI edtech apps.

Join the hundreds of educators and students building their visions for the future of education.

Playlab is a nonprofit platform helping educators and learners in partnership with:

Reinvention Lab at Teach For AmericaCharter School Growth FundReach

Today, few people make software.

And even fewer make edtech. What would happen if millions of educators and students started building tools for their own contexts?

Tools that Save Time

From IEPs to emails, teachers spend hours on paperwork. Teachers are building tools to save time so they can focus on what matters.

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Tools to Empower Better Design

Get tailored help with idea generation, creative brainstorming, and designing project-based experiences. Start from scratch or remix existing tools to fit your context.

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Tools for Students to Explore

Share purpose-built chatbots for knowledge exploration, reinforcement and inquiry-based learning. Have students can also build their own tools to share with their peers.

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Playlab Programs

Our mission is to build creative tools for teachers and students to design AI-powered educational experiences, promote research into ethical and beneficial AI uses in education, and to broadly and equitably distribute these benefits.

School Program

Through Playlab Classrooms, teachers can create, explore, and discuss AI scenarios with students. They can collaboratively develop and distribute productivity tools across the school using shared workspaces. All AI engagement and expenses can be tracked and managed under a single paid account.

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Research Program

Help uncover how AI is being applied in education, what's gaining traction, where it's strong and weak, and in what contexts it's having a positive or negative impact.

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Technology Program

Explore and develop experimental use cases and technology for educational AI with support from Playlab.

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